What Are Dreams, How Do I Study For My exams and Write Brilliantoatomous ER bulls? (Or The Stories Behind Dreams and Bullyings)

What Are Dreams, How Do I Study For My exams and Write Brilliantoatomous ER bulls? (Or The Stories Behind Dreams and Bullyings)

We all dream, but not everybody remembers them.

Do you know the reason?

Life has got a lot of walls and barriers to block our view of how to become happy. We all have been taught to expect defeat. That’s what our parents tell us to expect our children to follow when we are heavily laden with life dramas. It’s always funny for me to see how wittily the bible puts these words like, “Well I thought you would like it better if you were hit upside the head with a hammer.” Talk about sending a little oxymoron straight to my gut! But come on my friend, your brain isn’t like that!

We have a brain that can be in two places at once. It can be thinking to plan and create its own rules or open up and respond to a direction given command.

To learn how to become happier and richer, we all have to use either our conscious mind or our subconscious mind in alignment at all times, not in two different places.

These are the rules of thoughts of millionaires and billionaires who are not shaken by events or adversities. They see everything in a beautiful way even if they can’t see the actual beauty to look out of. They expect miracles left and right.

Lessons have taught me that sometimes you have to go through bad things to learn valuable lessons. Usually, mistakes are meant to show us how not to do them in the future. They are meant to teach us as things are our actions.

It’s us who take things so personally and hold ourselves down on how things should be or need to be according to the rule of our family or industries, that get hurt. It’s up to us to train our mind and heart to respond to the pain in a better way that does not take so much personal power to participate in.

Dreams happen every night for some of us who rush out of bed somewhere in the morning, with how to write great articles and creating a great radio show and more importantly, a lot of nervousness and anxiety. Because it’s not right yet. But it would be great if it could be here right now!

We are not in school, nor are we playing a professional sport. But we were trained to expect defeat and whenever it shows up, we are crushed.

Nowadays things get a little deeper in how we deal with life. And for most people, have no idea how easier will we be in life to just stay away from all the hurts and hurt instead of trying to fight it.

Things don’t happen with our permission. So that right there is a simple instruction! Be a master of your fate and a leader of your own life. Let go of your past and imagine and feel the beauty of these moments.

I remember once I was on a flight with my queen and she was singing a song. Now, I am all shy and anxious, so I actually learned to control my mind instead of having to be constantly guided by nervous feelings inside. I just let go, I let go of my control and just let myself be free and soar. I started singing along to my songs, instead of praying a long time to the god of thebe with me. I actually practice these feelings often, once in a while. Not only for the improvement of my mental health but in a sense of movement towards greater inner and personal freedom.

Most times we are making up stories about the other party, just wait. He or She is trying to hit you back. They had name-calling and racial remarks. You are responsible for getting off the bus for no reason. You didn’t notice it. You won’t read their newspaper or talk to them. Why? Well, change your mind now. It’s taken you weeks, months, or possibly years for complete mastery of your mind and thoughts under completely not predetermined rules. Simply do not respond philosophically like how to be a civil right that involves the right not to be bullied, the right not to be abused by your closest friend, the right not to be upset. Just go for it! Be the lion and beat the bully.

Shaking is good for your mental, psychological, and physical health. It’s safe, boring and it’s something that promotes the freedom to change like never before. People who aren’t living for good create drama and hate on everyone around them and particularly those that surround them the most.

You don’t have too many malicious people around you, so change your thoughts and feelings towards those that create life events in your life and also those you share your thoughts with the host loves the drama and not the perpetrators.

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